Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Knife Meme

Take the knife from your pocket, take a picture, post it on the internet.

Okay, I'll play.

It's a two-blade Buck stock knife, common as dirt, but it provides steel for all the cutting chores that I'm liable to encounter on a daily basis. One of my sons gave me this knife for Christmas, or a birthday, and its been my steady carry ever since.

You do carry a pocketknife, don't you?

Tip of the hat to Say Uncle.


Gerry N. said...

My Dad gave me a cheap Boy Scout knife copy and five #2 pencils the first day of first grade. It was what he could afford. I've almost never been without a pocket knife since, and I'm now 67 years old. that old knife is in a dish my daughter made for me in school, it sets on my dresser with a few other keepsakes. I now carry a Victorinox Tinker. I wear one out in about three years, not much metal in the main blade, you see, so I keep spares in my sock drawer. Four right now, if I see any available, I'll pick up a few more.

Old NFO said...

I've got an old Schrade with the clip point blade sharpened down to the point that it's about useless, and I posted what I'm carrying these days. Although I DO have a Sowbelly in the nightstand!

Flintlock Tom said...

I have carried a Swiss Victorinox, the littlest one, for years. I lose them regularly, once to the TSA. I always replace them, always in red. A couple Christmases ago I gave each of my four children one, each a different color.
I was cleaning off my dresser and checking old pants pockets and came up with three of the red ones, previously lost.
1.5" blade, screw-driver, file, tweezers, scissors and a toothpick. If it made fire I would never need anything else.