Sunday, September 25, 2011

Sunday Morning Dawg

Occasionally, the dog decides to rip around the house, running at a high rate of speed. We call this "Getting the rips". He got the rips yesterday morning and I was able to catch it on a video camera. So, this morning, you get a video Sunday Dawg.

Yep, he's got the rips.


Gerry N. said...

Our pit bull pup, Bella, does this every afternoon about 2PM. She tears out the back door, down the stairs, around the back yard a couple of times, up the stairs, all at full speed, then she finds a chew toy, usually an antler stub and shakes it frantically, ritually killing it yet again. Then she rolls on her back gargling and growling for a few minutes before she tears through the house, jumping up on the couch to land with a thump, almost immediately asleep for her afternoon nap. We call this her Psycho Dog display. We keep out of her way while she does it, she does weigh 70# you know.

Anonymous said...

Gracie and Beluga do the same thing; however, its about 9:00 at night. We call it "getting rid of their vinegar" - Daddy came up with that. We just get out of their way as they are likely to run into your legs, furniture, etc., on their nightly "vinegar run."

Dave O. said...

Our cat does the same every night around 11-11:30 PM. No idea why. Basically a real lazy cat except for those 5 minutes every night.