Sunday, September 25, 2011


I started jones-ing for a gumbo yesterday in the cool morning air and decided that I'd cook one today after church. So, I went digging in the freezer, found a chicken and some deer sausage from last year's deer. Onions and bell peppers and I had what I needed. Click here for the recipe.

Gumbo is an autumn/winter recipe in these parts, and it's not nearly cold enough outside to justify a gumbo, but I wanted one and I'm the guy doing the cooking today. That's the last of the deer sausage in that pot, so I guess it's good that deer season is just around the corner. I'll let that pot simmer for another half hour, then put on a pot of rice. The kids should have assembled here by that time and we'll eat some gumbo and spend the afternoon watching grandkids.

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mostly cajun said...

turn the A/C down and go ahead with the gumbo.