Friday, September 02, 2011

Tropical Storm Lee

I see that while I was at work today, that unorganized tropical wave in the Gulf got its act together and became a tropical storm. It's poised to dump water on us, although I am only on the western edge of the 3-day cone. The Gulf coast from Sabine Pass to the panhandle of Florida are in the way of a massive deluge.

Our skies are cloudy and the Weather Channel is telling me that the worst won't happen until tomorrow. That's good, I guess. We've got the opening football game at the high school and I'm headed back there in a few minutes. I'd really like a good rain to begin at about 9:00. There's nothing like rain to clear a parking lot.


North said...

I wish for the best for you.

By the way - I added you to the GBBL:

Old NFO said...

LOL- Yeah, rain WILL clear a parking lot in a hurry... :-)

Anonymous said...

I wish one (a big one like Lee) would meander through central and west Texas for a few days. The drought here is so bad that would only be a start to fixing it though.