Thursday, September 01, 2011


Came home this afternoon thinking I had a free day. As soon as I got comfortable, I got a call from my brother, Mac. Spent the afternoon helping him get his van running. As soon as the van was running, he took off like a scalded ape. I might not see him again for a couple of years.

Mac's like that. He shows up when he needs something then he's gone again until he needs something else. Still, he's my brother.


Jester said...

I can understand your feeling on it, still it is unfortunate you have to have someone like that that takes your care and runs with it.

Old NFO said...

We've ALL got em in our families... sigh

Robert said...

Huh. I'm starting to think being an only child isn't entirely a bad thing. BTW, my station wagon is running a little rough... :)