Wednesday, October 20, 2010

More shot loads

Termite, a friend of mine from the Gun Counter forum, lives just down the road from me.  He offered to split a bag of #11 shot and I gladly accepted.  Ten pounds of small shot is a lot of shot, especially when you're only using 1.6 cc per load, and we both agreed that we'd probably never use our portion.

He called today and brought me the shot and we talked for a while.  After he left I loaded 10 rounds of .44 magnum shot shells, which will probably take me through the season.  I've got the better part of five pounds of shot left, and I'd forgotten just how small #11 shot is.  There are a lot of those in each of those shotshells.  I've got the better part of a 25 pound bag of #7 1/2 shot that I've got left over from when I loaded shotgun shells for hunting, and I offered him a few pounds.  He declined.

I"d probably never known that Termite exists if it weren't for the internet.  I've met a lot of good people since I started using computers for communicating and writing and entertainment.  There are a lot of people I consider friends that I've never met personally, and that's a damn shame.  I hope to meet more of them as time goes on, and share a beer or a meal with them.  Life's too short not to know your friends.


Anonymous said...

Paw paw
It's Riley (the 38 shot shell email) if you find your self in or near Fort Worth TX I would be honored to buy you a meal and a beer.

Flintlock Tom said...

If you've got lead shot left over can't you melt it down and use it for cast bullets?
I've never thought about loading pistol cartridges as shot-shells. How does that work? Some kind of buffer material under the shot and a stiff cardboard disk over?

Pawpaw said...

Nothing to it, Tom. I just cut a wad out of a styrofoam fast food tray and put it between the powder and the shot, then another one as an over-shot wad. A few drops of candle wax to seal it, and you're done.