Saturday, October 16, 2010


One of the benefits of working in a school is something called Homecoming. It's a solid week of activities designed to test the endurance, humor, and resilience of the faculty. The kids go stone-crazy for an entire week and there are lots of activities that allow their creativity to grow. Yesterday I worked 16 hours, culminating in a nail-biting football game.

I've never understood the current iteration of student activities during homecoming week. As I understand the concept of Homecoming, it is a celebration for the alumni to return to the school and reminisce about their high school years. Last night at the game, we had three reunions occurring all at the same time. The alumni had a great time and we crowned a homecoming court of lovely young ladies.

Tonite is the Homecoming Dance, and there will be no alumni in attendance. This is for the kids, and frankly I am not amused. While I've worked a lot of dances during my career, I have a simple manner of insuring the safety and security of the venue. I stay outside the dance hall, near the front door, watching the comings and goings of the participants. I detest the music that the kids listen to today and particularly the volume at which it is listened. The faculty sponsors control the interior of the venue. If there is any problem, I can be summoned readily and I'll deal with the problem. If there are two problems, I walk over to the DJ and pull the plug. At that point the dance is over.

I've only had to shut down one dance, much earlier in my career. That night I wound up arresting a guy I'd never seen, but who was later identified by the jailer as the District Attorney for a neighboring parish. I figured that might become a career move, but the guy was drunk, drunk, drunk and combative. My report was sparklingly clear and my sheriff hated the sunuvabitch, so I didn't get in any trouble about arresting a prominent elected official.

Hopefuly, by tonight at midnight the dance will be over, everyone will have gone home to their respective abodes and this year's homecoming will be a sparkling memory to be savored. In PawPaw's mind, it will be the fitting end to a long and exhausting week that serves no purpose except to break up the school year.


Rivrdog said...

Doesn't it also serve to put some overtime pay into your pay envelope?

At possibly some permanent damage to my health (I and my docs are still debating that), during my Deputy career, I worked a lot of overtime, most all I could get, in fact. What THAT did for me was to increase my retirement contributions (both mine AND the County's part), and as a result, I retired at the pension level of a Lieutenant, at least, maybe even some Captains, although my retirement plaque says I was "only" a Patrol Officer when I retired.

Melissa said...

I never understood homecoming either, Pawpaw. Most people I knew were pretty happy to leave high school behind and never looked back. Good luck and get some rest!

Anonymous said...

Like to know how many new families were started last night...hahaha