Monday, October 04, 2010

Cool Weather

It's cool outside.  48 degrees on my back porch as the sun begins to show a line of light to the east.  The sky is severe clear, with no clouds or wind.  If I were in the squirrel woods, I'd want a light jacket, or at least long sleeves to help ward off the chill.  Based on the sounds I hear in the woods near the house, someone is in the squirrel woods this morning and to him I offered a raised cup and thoughts of good luck.

I don't have to go to work until later.  Due to the strangeness of the local school calendar, today is set aside for parent/teacher conferences and the students have a holiday.  I'll be at the school house later, but for now the morning is mine.  I have a few chores to do after I finish this cup of coffee, but for now I'm simply reveling in this weather.

1 comment:

bluesun said...

Wow--it's been warmer up here in MT the past week than that!