Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Wednesday Update

It seems as the school year gets closer to the end, the more we try to cram into the remaining days. PawPaw has been busy the last couple of days, but the projects are moving forward.

We've got concrete decks around the swimming pool. Another major hurdle has been crossed.

We're trying to vacuum out the amazing amount of gravel, sand and dirt that fell into the pool during the concrete installation. It's simply amazing how much crud we've pulled out, and how much is left to pull out. The vacuum is being used a couple of times a day. We can see the bottom of the pool now, and the crud is seriously diminished, but we have a couple of more days until the water gets that sparkling blue quality that pool owners search for.

The contractor tells me he's sending a small crew tomorrow to finish installing the Polaris system, which is an automatic pool cleaner. They'll also take care of some cosmetic issues and re-install the fence they took down when construction began.

Then, it'll be up to me to integrate it all into the master backyard landscaping plan. The Master Plan is still in the planning stages and Milady is considering the ramifications of a number of options. When she decides, she'll let me know.

The first thing she wants, though, are pavers to the outhouse, and a wooden deck on the opposite end of the pool.

The grandkids are coming over this weekend. I don't think that wild horses can keep them out of the pool, so I've at least got to get the pH correct.

Things are looking up.


martywd said...

I think one thing is for sure?   The 4 wheeler will be gone in any and all further pics!   Just saying?   But then again probably a none issue, since once your pool is completed, your pool maintenance comes on full bore, your blog maintenance may be null?   FWIW, I'll miss your posts.

Pawpaw said...

Well, Marty, I hope you're wrong, although the 4-wheeler will in fact be gone. It's not mine. It belongs to someone else.

The pool isn't the problem with the blog posting, believe me. It's the time at work. Work's been a booger-bear lately and it won't slow down for another full week.

Hours. Lots of hours.

Anonymous said...

Love the pool!

Kinfolks from Trout!

martywd said...


Me thinks I was a bit too harsh?

I truly like your twist on all you write about here.   Keep up the great posts when time permits.   Please!