Sunday, May 20, 2007


I haven't been following it lately, but some folks have and it seems that the nitwits in Congress are about to agree on some sort of immigration compromise.

I understand that John McCain is involved and this may be the final straw that drives Republicans firmly away from Senator McCain. Most of us remember him from McCain-Feingold, that act during the last election cycle that helped abrogate the First Amendment. Others of us remember him for this Gang of 14 activities. If it turns out that he is instrumental in driving this compromise on immigration, then it better have the following in it.

Bid proposals for the fence. You know, the whole fence along the border?

Increased penalties for hiring illegals.

Border security and workplace enforcement should be the first two priorities of the government, but I have a feeling that something that feels like amnesty is going to slip into this compromise. It's interesting what word-play does when you're considereing political futures. Amnesty rhymes with Travesty.

If McCain wants the nomination, he better get his head out of his butt and see what the national base is asking for. Personally, he's pissed me off enough that I'll never vote for him. Not even while holding my nose.

He ain't worth it.


Dr Eric T. Klitwerker said...

I got the power tip right here:

Flintlock Tom said...

10-4, PawPaw.

Nail-head meet hammer.

j said...

I'm seeing complaints from Texas ranchers about fencing off the Rio Grande. How do you tell a herd of thirsty cows that it's 20 miles to the next gate?