Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Fred Thompson - It's unofficially official.

Fred Thompson is driving us crazy, but USA Today says the man is running for President. It's just not official, yet.
USA Today says it's unofficially official: Fred Thompson is running for president.

Politician-turned-actor Fred Thompson plans an unconventional campaign for president using blogs, video posts and other Internet innovations to reach voters repelled by politics-as-usual in both parties, he told USA Today.
. That's about as unofficial as you can get.
"People listen to him and see someone who's very comfortable with who he is and confident about what he believes in," state Republican chairman Chris Healy says. "That's a skill that, obviously, Ronald Reagan took to great heights."
Lets get this straight: I don't think that Fred Thompson is another Ronald Reagan, but I'm not looking for another Ronald Reagan. I'm looking for someone who is comfortable with his own life and has made the type of decisions about life that reflect what I believe. So far, none of the other wannabee contenders have convinced me that they have strong feelings about anything, one way or the other. They want to be elected, but that's about it.

Some say it's late to get into the race, but I doubt it. The election season has been getting longer and longer and some folks never stop running between elections, but here's the deal. If you've got 20 people actively running in a given election, then the way we've been doing elections results in failure 19/20ths (95%) of the time. There is only going to be one person elected, so the rest of the field is doing something wrong.

In short, if you're going to run, you may as well run the race the way that suits you best. If you're gonna run, run your own race. So far, Fred's done that.

If Thompson decides to run, he can count on my vote.


Hobie said...

Fred Thompson has my vote over any other Republican running for POTUS, for certain.

WagonMaster said...

I'm leaning towards Mike Huckabee from Arkansas. He's impressed me so far as a "second tier" candidate. Don't know if he has a realistic shot but he appeals to my conservative leanings.

BTW, that pool looks really nice and the deck will be the perfect finishing touch. Reading about your Memorial Day activities plus reading about your pool made me really want to be your friend!

Another BTW, thanks for your blog ... I really enjoy reading and try to keep up with it daily. I'm not a shooter but your glimpse on life is interesting. Keep up the good work.


oyster said...

I'm glad Fred Thompson's in the race, and I was impressed with Huckabee when I saw him on the last couple of televised debates.

Nick said...

Duncan Hunter is still my favorite and will get my vote, as his views are more in line with my own.

But I'd have no problem voting for Thompson in the run-off. He'd be 100x's better than pro-abortion, pro-illegal alien, anti-self defense Giuliani.

Kelly(Mom of 6) said...

Me too. I've been watching him...