Monday, May 21, 2007

Backyard Math

The Ford F150 series truck is a half-ton pickup truck. I know that the payload for my particular truck is listed at 1850 lbs. This is useful information.

A paver weighs 36 lbs. Fifty pavers weigh 1800 lbs. This is near the capacity of my simple pickup truck. They also cost $250.00. This is near the capacity of my simple checkbook for a weekend project.

The guys at Lowes will load your pavers with a forklift. They'll include the wooden pallet, which probably weighs enough to put the pickup in the overload column.

Carrying and setting each of those pavers, sometimes setting them multiple times to insure level and square, is a legitimate Saturday afternoon project. One that may or may not be completed on a Saturday afternoon, but you'll damn sure know you moved those 50 concrete blocks when you're done. I estimate I am going to need between 250-300 of them to complete the project I want to complete. That's a lot of Saturdays.

My doctor said that I need moderate exercise. I've got a hunch I'm going to get it.

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Flintlock Tom said...

"My doctor said that I need moderate exercise."

Me thinks you need to get a clarification, from doc, on HIS meaning of "moderate".

I am your age and contemplating a new retaining wall with similar logistics: you are not encouraging.

Best wishes,
Flintlock Tom