Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Wednesday update

I framed the deck this morning, with the help of my son and stepson. Tomorrow morning we'll spend a couple of hours decking it, and that project will be in the done pile.

Surprisingly, the little local lumber yard down the road has better prices than the big national chains. They're pricing deck boards about 40 cents per board under the national chains. Guess where I'm buying my deck boards tomorrow morning?

You can see the deck framing on the left side of the photo. As I was putting up tools, neices and grandchildren were descending on us for the Wednesday afternoon free swim.

It's hell being a Pawpaw.


flintlock tom said...

Looks like "heaven" to me. Just in time for Summer.
I am discovering that one of the most fulfilling aspects of getting older is being able to do cool stuff for the kids and grandkids.
Enjoy it.

Matt said...

Now you just some grass on that dirt patch