Saturday, May 05, 2007


Some of you may have noticed a couple of days go by without posting. Sorry about that. Life has been busy around here. The rain that came the day before yesterday has turned the construction zone in my backyard into a Sea of Mud. Sandy, sticky, nasty mud.

The back yard was basically clay, and a lot of sand was used in installing the pool. Now, it's a damned mess. You can click on the picture for a more detailed view.

The astute observer will notice pools of water where pools of water should not be. The mud toward the exterior of the yard is only unpleasant. It is ankle deep and has the consistency of toothpaste. It sticks to everything. The mud closer to the edge of the pool is nastier, with greater quanties of sand. It abrades as it sticks to the skin. The mud closest to the pool is actually quicksand. I sank up to mid-thigh out there yesterday, the only thing that saved me was my considerable bulk slamming down on the edge of the pool. The fact that I managed that feat three additional times speaks to my ability to learn unpleasant tasks.

I need sunshine, and the National Weather Service is not cooperating. This is May, by God, and April showers should have been over long ago.

Tomorrow is church and I shall pray for drought.


Bob@thenest said...

Maybe the cost of a Stanley Steemer cleaning service for the house (GOT to me a real mess by now?) should be added to the project cost when it's all over.

But, as in childbirth, the pain will be forgotten when it's all over and you're basking in the sun beside the pool.

Or so they tell me. My better half seems to remember each of our sons' births quite vividly, however. ;-)

oyster said...

"Tomorrow is church and I shall pray for drought."

*chuckle*... Nice one!