Monday, May 28, 2007

Memorial Day

It's Memorial Day and I'm going to be working the pit.

I put a boston butt in the oven last night. I marinated it in beer, crushed garlic and Tony's. Put it in a 225 oven at 10:00 and let it sit till 0700. It's done and it's great. It lost about half its mass to fat melting.

Only problem is, it lost about half its mass. Milady told me this morning that she talked to someone last night that might drop by and I talked to someone last night who might drop by and I need some more meat to put on the grill. Decisions, decisions. I could do chickens, or ribs, or sausage, or just plain ole hot dogs. I've got time to do another boston butt.

** UPDATE ** Problem solved. I shredded that boston butt roast. It was falling apart anyway, so I put it in the Crock-Pot with a little dab of my good BBQ sauce. Today's meal is going to be more about the bounty of the garden than a carnivore's delight. I'm going to grill some squash, some zuccini, some mushrooms and tomatoes and asparagus. We'll open a couple of cans of beans for the young'uns and when I go to the store, I'll pick up some sausage, because a pit always needs sausage.

Today's menu.

Grilled veggies, tomatoes, yellow squash, zuccini, mushrooms, asparagus, onions,
Ranch beans
Garlic bread
Pulled pork BBQ
Smoked link Sausage
Iced Tea
Adult beverages

I think it is going to work out just fine.

And, as always, when the fellowhip is over and the dishes are washed, I'll take a glass and walk out to the lake and I'll raise a toast to absent friends.


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Pawpaw, oh Pawpaw, whereforth art thou Pawpaw?