Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Wretchard speaks

If you haven't read the Belmont Club, you've missed what I think is one of the more thoughtful blogs on the net today. The semi-anonymous Wretchard (he outed himself a while back, but I neglected to care) is a thinker and I often turn to him to help jell my thinking on issues. He's one that I turn to, among others

Today, in his own comments, he sums up something that I've been thinking for a long time. He sums up the the comments of the Speakers trip in the Middle East quite succintly
Take Pelosi's hijab and all the rest as data. And what that data suggests is that there is a deep, deep division in the West that is practically paralyzing it. And no matter how large the giant, if he is paralyzed and incapable of movement, then he is helpless.

I suspect that before long the question of whether someone is gay or straight, Jewish or Gentile, Democrat or Republican will only be of quaint or passing importance. Things may get worse before they get any better.
When I read the thoughts of my Democratic friends, I often think "How can they be so wrong, yet so intelligent?" My best friend is a liberal Democrat and we disagree on vitually everything political, yet remain the deepest of friends.

The guy I disagree with most online is the Oyster, yet I imagine that if he and I met over burgers and beer, the conversation would be conjenial. Still, I sense a coming storm, where the petty divisions we see as separating us will fade to insignificance and other considerations will come to the forefront.

I see in militant Islam the seeds of that storm, where we will be forced to choose sides and commit ourselves to the struggle. I see that the motivation for choosing will be greater than the next election or which party will be in power. The penalty for choosing wrongly might be life, property, or the immortal soul.

I pray that I am wrong.


Rivrdog said...

You are not wrong, sir.

You are right, dead right.

Nick said...

Exactly, Riverdog. Pawpaw is rarely wrong.