Thursday, April 26, 2007

BAG Day Gun

I was a little late for my BAG day gun, for a variety of very good reasons. Most of those dealt with a dearth of cash. However, the last couple of days I have been looking at a Remington Model 760, in the very satisfying .30-06. I'm thinking of qualifying with it in June, just to give the range officers fits. I can claim with some authority that my rifle is the dressed-up version of the police rifle.

My version has a serial number from the first block of numbers (1,000 to 541,000) and mine is the BDL variety, with the basketweave stock. The Remington page puts my rifle manufactured sometime during 1966 or 1967.

As it sat in the pawn shop, it sported a Simmons 3X9 scope and someone had taken the iron sights off of it. The barrel was dirty but the rifling looked good all the way out to the muzzle. The counterman and I rummaged around in a box behind the counter and he found an Eagle brand 10-round magazine for the rifle. He threw it in as part of the purchase.

The price? $350.00 out the door.


USCitizen said...


Flintlock Tom said...

I would think that a 30.06 would be a standard in any gunnie's collection. And yet I don't have one. I'm thinking of a Garand when the CMP starts putting up their "Special Grade" rifles.
My BAG day gun was a 7.35, M38 Carcano.

George said...

You got a good deal. I sold one in .308 last year, with a Weaver K-4 on it, and got $450 for it.