Tuesday, April 03, 2007


I see that Harry Reid is calling for Congress to cut funding for the Iraqi war. No funds means no war. Speaker Pelosi is treating with Syria. The Democrats are doing everything they can to get us out of Iraq.

They make me sick. When you look at the problems that Europe is having with Muslims, and you look at the problems that Minneapolis is having with Muslims, then you look at the problems Iraq is having with Muslims.

I have to admit, the Muslims seem to be a bother lately. I also have to admit that most of the time, it seems that what we're doing in Iraq isn't working, and that the problems just keep getting larger and larger. That the problems don't lend themselves to easy solutions. And that the Iraqi people aren't stepping up to solve their own problems.

Then, we've got this Democratic Congress, with a few left-wingers making noise, trying anything to get us out of a war. The big issue is to make President Bush look bad, with hopes of a Democratic president in 2008.

If I were President Bush, I'd solve it easily. I'd talk to every member of my cabinet, request their resignations and get a firm commitment from them that they wouldn't re-enter government service for one year. Then I'd get Dick Cheney to write the same letter, then I'd call Nancy Pelosi and tell her, "You got it. It's all yours. I'm resigning effective tomorrow at noon and you're going to be the President."

"But Mr. President, what do you mean?" Pelosi asks.

"It's simple, darlin. You're so goddamn smart, you figure it out. Cheney and I are going fishing, then we're going to watch you solve this crisis that you've been so vocal about. It's all yours."

In one fell swoop, Bush would have solved a number of problems, not the least being the wondering about the first female president. Pelosi wouldn't be term limited, so she could run for re-election. Then, with a Democratic Congress and a Democratic President, we could watch them solve all the worlds problems.

It'd be great.


flintlock tom said...

The Anarchist part of me would love to watch your experiment. However, I have four children and I would loathe to leave them with the chaotic world that would result.

Rivrdog said...

Knotsofast, Guido. I suspect that Peloser would shrink from the job, and find some way to appoint Clinton.

Then it would be time to open the safe....