Thursday, April 19, 2007

Gallot is an idiot

From the La newspaper News-Star, we learn that State Rep Rick Gallot D-Grambling, is going to introduce legislation to tighten up gun regulations on state college campuses.
Gallot's bill would close a loophole allowing students to have firearms in their dorm rooms, though University of Louisiana System rules already forbid the practice.

The existing law prohibits students and non-students from having a gun or dangerous weapon on school property or in other firearm free zones. However, the law allows students to have firearms in their dorms or while going to or from a vehicle to a dorm room.
Which means that only the criminals on campus will have access to guns.

Brilliant! Gallot goes further, saying
"I submit to you this is not a Second Amendment issue," Gallot said. "This is a school safety issue."
That's just exactly the problem they recently had at Virginia Tech. The only guy there with a gun was the criminal.

I submit that college students are adults and should be treated like adults. If a college student is 21 years old and meets the other requirements for a license, he or she should be carrying a concealed weapon. If the student is under 21 and wants to keep a shotgun in his or her dorm room, that is no one's concern but the student and the parents.

When I was an undergrad at NSU in Louisiana, we routinely kept hunting firearms in our dorm rooms. No one thought anything of it. I was surprised to learn that firearms aren't permitted on campus. I guess I should tell my student son. - - Naah, he's a good kid with a good head on his shoulders. Some things aren't the administration's business.

This is not a school safety issue, this is a personal safety issue.

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Flintlock Tom said...

I just cannot comprehend this mindset: Disarming the victims makes them safer.