Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Boat Ride

Yesterday we were priviliged to be invited to take a boat ride down the Intracostal Canal, to survey the properties along the waterfront and to give the boat owner an opportunity to use his boat. It seems the boat hadn't been started in three or four months.

Some boat owners have told me that the two happiest days in their lives were the day they bought the boat, and the day they sold the boat. Be that as it may, there are one hell of a lot of boats in the Greater Miami Metro area. The boat we were on was a 24 foot dayfisher. The owner is a businessman in the area and doesn't make enough time to get out on the water.

In Boca Raton, they paint hotels pink. No, the hotel wasn't leaning, the boat was rocking.

Property is horribly expensive along the waterway. We saw one For Sale sign that offered 164 feet of waterway frontage (the lot looked to be about a quarter acre), for $5.85 million dollars. While that might not be the most expensive real estate on the planet, it certainly looked expensive to this country boy. I remarked to Milady that we should buy it, then drag a couple of double-wides up on it. She laughed.

Evidently, my mother-in-law doesn't like riding in a boat. Brother Bill exclaimed that no one would believe that we got Miss Reba into a boat. The picture above is Milady and Miss Reba in the Atlantic Ocean, with the beachfront condos as background. Afterwards, we took the boat owner to a late lunch at Hooters. Miss Reba enloyed a chicken sandwich and enjoyed talking with the waitress.

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Flintlock Tom said...

I have never understood the engineering required to build a modern highrise 10 feet from a major body of water.
When our local government built our new Convention center right "on" San Diego Bay, half the cost seemed to go to pumping the water out of the hole that was dug for the foundation.