Thursday, September 29, 2005


Yesterday I got a message from my boss that today we would resume our normal schedules, post Rita. A lot of extra work still remains to be done, but we are off the A-B rotation. Today I went back to my beat, and it was good to be back where I belong.

I spent the last couple of days at a shelter, caring for geriatric, female, mental patients. Whoo! Wadda ride! They are sleeping in a high school gym. I talked today with the R.N. running the place and they are trying to get the patients into more permanent accomodations while the nursing home in Lake Charles is rehabbed. I know the staff will be glad to be in a proper facility, and I know the school will be glad to get their gym back.

I came home today to find Milady off work. It seems she came down with a sore throat yesterday and went to the doctor today. He diagnosed strep-throat, so we are in quarantine. I'll let the kids know, so they don't bring the grandkids over. I don't need them getting strep. And frankly, Milady and I could use the quiet over the weekend.

On the downside, the grass is growing again. We had been in a local drought, without rain for the past 30 days. The grass had gone dormant, but the rain from Rita kick-started it growing again.

I started thinking about shooting, again, which means that life is starting to return to normal. I've loaded some loads for the .243 that I intend to shoot this weekend, and tonite, I hope to load some .30-30 to try out, pre-deer season. In the meantime, I have potato soup on the stove and Milady is taking a nap.

Squirrel season opens Saturday, but I won't be in the woods till after the first frost.

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