Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Landrieu's meltdown

I was reading over at Coyote at the Dog Show about Mary Landrieu's meltdown on Fox news the other day.

Poor ole Mary. Our Senior Senator from Louisiana watched as her constituency got on the bus and left the area.

I've got to give Senator Landrieu credit. I have written her a few letters over the years and she generally falls in line with the sportsmen of the state when it comes to gun related issues. She makes noise on the floor of the Senate, but I have to give her a solid C where it comes to gun rights issues.

But, as to her meltdown, you have to imagine the horror of watching all your voters go away. Literally. Orleans Parish carried Mary during the last election and there ain't enough voters in town right now to get a school board race going.

Note to Senator Landrieu: Come on, Senator. Tell us who was responsible for all those flooded school buses. The same kind of school buses that your voters finally left town on. Wouldn't it have been better to crank them up and get them out of harms way (with about 50 residents each on them) than to let them sit and be inundated? We all know the answer, and it isn't pretty, but as our Senator we want to see if you can answer this question. If you can't, then you have no business running for re-election next time.

The eyes of Lousisana are upon you.

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oyster said...

The performance by Mary was abysmal, even by today's political standards. Horrible. Awful. Laughable.

I personally think the infamous flooded buses are nearly a non-issue; and very good answers can be given to any questions raised about them. However, Landrieu's answer to Chris Wallace's query about them was, at best, bizarre.