Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Love bugs

We here in central Louisiana are undergoing an infestation of love bugs. A plague. A surplussage, if you will. The little bastards are everywhere. They came in with Katrina, and I believe they blew in off the coast.

Go outside and try to talk, love bugs in your mouth. There must be a couple of hundred thousand dead in the garage, and I swept it on Sunday. By Monday it looked like I had never swept. Today it looks like a disaster area.

They are even sifting in under the weatherstripping on the front door. We never use the front door, yet they wiggle in through the weatherstripping and expire (from exertion, I guess) in a semi-circle on the carpet. I just vacuumed up fifty of the little bastards.

The truly adventurous love bugs go to the highway and attack automobiles. Their little innards splatter everywhere and has some acid in it, attacking the paint on the cars. I hate love bugs with a massive dedication. They'll be gone in a month or so, and life can get back to normal. Until then, I can't sit at my workbench outside without a cloud of these things settling into my quickly thinning hair.

AAaargggh! I've got to move everything in to the kitchen table to measure powder.

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