Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Prepping brass

One of the most onerous tasks of reloading is prepping brass. I'm getting ready to reload for the .243 and I found a bunch of brass I had stored a couple of years ago. When I stored it, I just sorted it, put it into zipper bags, and dropped it in a storage box. Tonite I dug it out, and

Decapped it
Full length sized it
Trimmed it
Camfered it.

Each piece of empty brass was handled four times, and frankly, I'm tired of messing with it. Reloaders know what I mean, when you have to get brass ready to reload. Tomorrow afternoon I'll give the brass a final inspection, cap it, and load it. Again, each piece of brass will be handled four times. But then I'll have some loads that I can evaluate prior to hunting season.

While looking for .243 brass, I found a bunch of old .338 Win Mag brass that I accumulated somewhere. From looking at the specs of that brass, I believe that I can neck it down to 7mm Rem Mag. Anyone have any experience doing that?

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