Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Mike Brown on Louisiana Govt

Whoa! What a money quote. I just heard this on Fox News, and had to find the quote:
At one point, questioned by committee chairman Rep. Tom Davis (search), R-Va., Brown said: "My biggest mistake was not recognizing by Saturday [Aug. 27] that Louisiana was dysfunctional."
We've been telling each other that for years about state goverrment.

Well, the gummint might be disfunctional, but the people aren't. We've been handicapped by our elected officials. And frankly, we have been complacent too long.

Louisiana voters need to demand competent government. From the dog catcher to the governor, we have a right to demand that corruption not be tolerated. That elected officials not only avoid impropriety, but avoid the very appearance of impropriety.

Recovery money is already starting to flow, and if we don't get our act together, we will cement the nation's perception that we are a third-world backwater, only useful for parties and scandal. It's time to get serious about government. It is time to seriously look at cronyism, corruption, and special interest groups. It is time to demand good roads, good schools, and good infrastructure. It is time to demand that our elected officials perform for the good of the state.

It is time to demand an end to the poverty generating welfare state. It is time to demand that people get to work. It is time to demand that the stewards of our money account for results from that money.

We have the opportunity. The question is; will we use it?

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oyster said...

I think many of us will use this opportunity. I sure will.