Wednesday, May 15, 2024

Wednesday notes

 Watching a news show, I learned that the Board of Trustees at UNC-Chapel Hill has decided to move the DEI funding to the campus police.  Wow. That is interesting.  It also sounds like a good idea. From what I've seen from the DEI movement, it is a divisive, repugnant idea that flies in the face of merit-based selection, whether in the public or private sector.  It advances race over accomplishment and is diametrically opposed to the goals of a color-blind society.

In other notes, a commenter recently asked which brand of hot dog I prefer.  If I'm forced to buy a hot dog, I generally buy Ball Park or Nathans.  What I'm more likely to do is buy a selection of good smoked sausage, or bratwurst, or both, and serve them on a bun.

Sausage is a regional thing, but there is no reason to limit ourselves to a particular regional sausage.  A good kielbasa, or andouille will fit nicely on the smoker beside a bratwurst or Hillshire Farms.  If there is one place where diversity is always well appreciated, it is on the sausage grate in the smoker.  Embrace inclusion.

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Termite said...

MaBell sausage from McComb, MS, is a very good sausage. They have both patty and smoked link sausage.