Tuesday, May 28, 2024


 Since Joe Biden took office, eating at restaurants has become more expensive.  McDonalds is the most common example, but only because they are so ubiquitous.  Let's face it, Mickey Ds is everywhere.

This one short video is an example of an alternative.

Locally, right across the street from our McDonalds is a little restaurant called The Pelican.  It serves a variety of meals from a varied menu.  Last week, Belle asked me to run down to the Pelican and get some fish plates.  Four fried catfish plates, with fries, slaw, and hush puppies cane to just $43.00.  They make a great burger there too, and a burger plate is about $10.00.  Any time I can feed four people for $40.00, I'm all in.

I don't feel sorry for McDonalds.  Or BK, or Wendy's.  They are in a competitive market and they have had a good run.  If they price themselves out of the market, that is on them. Right across the street, another restaurant is doing fine, making better burgers.  They are not as fast as the chains, but they make a better burger.


Old NFO said...

Support your local restaurants. They won't leave...

Anonymous said...

Same... There's a private place that opened up in the strip-mall across from the big grocery chain here. Burger, fries, and a coke is like 12-15 bucks, depending which burger you order (from 8-10 bucks with toppings). It's a _good_ burger, hand-made patty, not frozen-hockey-puck-slapped-on-a-flattop. You can go old-school (cheese let, tom), or get bacon-flavored chutney and avocado if that's your thing.
The Nat'l chain across the street gets.... 12-bucks for a whopper, fries and a coke. 15 if you super-size it.
I like the privately owned restaurant.
Always tip your server(s) in cash!

Anonymous said...

The only fast food place in town charges $9 and up for a drink, fries, and burger.
One block away is a sports bar with lunch specials including the same items for $8.50 to $13.
The only difference is one is sit down with a tip, one is counter service.

Anonymous said...

Apart from the prices, it seems as if fast food is not "assembled" properly. That is, patties and other ingredients not aligned on the bun, haphazard. Also, employees tapping on cell phones between customers, when tables and floors clearly need wiping. This is why I avoid fast food joints.