Friday, November 17, 2023

Diversity Hire

 I grew up with affirmative action, knowing that people were hired solely based on their skin color, without regard to their experience or competence.  We knew who they were.

Nowadays, it's all about diversity.  And, people are noticing.  Watching a YouTube video on The Five, we see that lots of folks are talking about diversity hires.  One of them is Kamala Harris.  Here's the link.  Jump ahead to the 1100-minute mark.  Someone plainly asks Kamala if she is a diversity hire, and she's too stupid to understand the question.

Of course Kamala Harris is a diversity hire.  She checks all the right boxes.  I simply find it amazing that someone asked her about it.


BobF said...

But I'll bet there are at least two of us not surprised that she didn't understand the question. :-)

The Bean Counter said...

Youtube/Google - already censored the video. Fairly fast for the deep state. Election interference in real time.

Anonymous said...

So the link took me to a video of how to knit a tomato. Crazy.