Friday, August 04, 2017

Louisiana Crawfish Invading Michian

It appears that Louisiana's Red Swamp Crawfish are invigorating Michigan.  They're freaking out.
“Invasive red swamp crayfish (they're called crawfish, okay?) have been found in two Michigan locations,” media outlets reported this week with a warning from the state's nature department. The crawfish were found in a grassy area of a park and in shallow areas of a lake, prompting concern from the state of Michigan's Department of Natural Resources.
Lots more at the link.  There is a video here that I can't seem to embed, but it's worth it to click the link here. 
"The likely origin, black market food trafficking." (I rolled, laughing.  I did.)
I get it, invasive species are bad.    But these are really good to eat.  Go watch the video at the second link for some light humor.  LINKY HERE!


Old NFO said...

Damn cajuns are at it again :-)

jon spencer said...

As a kid I started eating crawfish in the early 60's, caught them with a rock and piece of bacon on a string. Used to lay on a dock and drop the bacon covered rock and wait until the crawfish started eating, then slowly lift everything off the bottom and maneuver the crawfish into a small net then place the crawfish in a water filled coffee can. When there were enough crawfish for lunch, it was boil and eat time. The only thing we cared about was how big the crawfish was. All of this occurred here in the U.P. of Michigan.
Now, the slow rate of catching might have been something that the parents wanted us to do as that would keep us occupied for a few hours and away from under foot.