Saturday, April 16, 2016

The Slim Jim Holster

At the club today, I talked with my buddy, Big Mark Markley, and he happened to have a Slim Jim holster in his truck, from one of the premier holster makers in the US.    My buddy Dusty Damrel, aslso known as Part Time, makes all manner of leather goods and sells them through his business, Crease N Corral.  Part Time makes holsters for Milady, and if you want to see good leatherwork, give his site a visit.

This is one of Part Time's holsters, his interpretation of a Slim Jim or California style holster.
Side view of the holster.  It's border-stamped.  I tried to keep the image size as large as I could.  You can click it to make it bigger.

Front view.  This is a left-handed holster and in this view you can see the attachment of the hammer thong.

Back view of the holster.

And, finally, an inside view of the holster, showing the belt attachment.

This particular holster has a toe plug, but I don't think it's required.  But, it is  good safety feature.

Very nice leather work from a very good craftsman.

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