Monday, April 25, 2016

Zach's Excellent Weekend

Texas State and the Southern Territorials are now in the record books.  PawPaw and Milady are home.  The competition was stiff, the people were friendly, the men were gentlemen and the ladies were gracious.  It was altogether a fabulous event.

A recap:  Milady took third place in her bracket at Texas State.  She has another trophy to put on the mantle.

PawPaw got certified as a rangemaster.  He didn't bring home any trophies, but he learned a lot and got a certification completed.

Akarate Zach did a little better.  He had a magnificent weekend.

For Texas State, he was the 1st place shooter in the Billy the Kid, One-handed shooter bracket.
Fourth Place Billy the Kid overall, Texas State.
Best Dressed Young Man, at the Saturday night banquet.

But, on Sunday, he was seeded to shoot in the championship shoot-off for the Southern Territorials.  The Southern Territory comprises the states of Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, and Louisiana.  After the smoke had settled and the dust had cleared, we found that Zach was the Fifth Place shooter in the Billy the Kid (Youth, male) division.

I didn't write down his fastest time in the finals, but it was in the neighborhood of .0.580, which is just a few milliseconds longer than it takes to blink your eye.  He missed a few shots, so we need to work on accuracy, but overall, Zach had a very good weekend. A most excellent weekend.


Old Grafton said...

Kudos to y'all!!

Old Grafton said...

The "Verify" thingy is getting to be a PITA. I'm happy for all the accomplishments you n yr family made!

Joe Mama said...

Way to go, Zack! There is much to be said for throwing one's self into things and participating. Sounds like Zack has that in spades.