Friday, February 08, 2013

More on Dorner's Rampage

I don't like using the names of hate-filled, misogynistic, demented murders, but it's useful to differentiating between hate-filled, misogynistic, demented murderers.  ABC News has the latest here.  SO, lets review what we know about this guy.

Ex-military.  Yep.  Former cop.  Yeah.  Never adjudicated for mental issues.  Yeah.  Never convicted of a felony.  Yeah.  Loves Obama, Loves Piers Morgan, thinks gun control is a good idea.  Yeah, yeah, yeah.

I do notice that the LAPD is acting very poorly, shooting up women trying to deliver the newspapers.  That's sad and if an armed citizen had acted this poorly, any prosecutor would be charging them with every crime on the books.  Someone is in deep kimchi over that lapse, and rightfully so.

Hot Air is all over this story, from the perspective of the left's double standard on gun violence.

But, here's my question on this murderous bastard as part of our national conversation.  How would anything currently proposed have stopped this guy?  Is there anything in the proposed laws from Feinstein, et al, that might have prevented this outrage?


Rivrdog said...

My take on the case: suppose there were five of these guys running arpund loose? Fifty of them?

Aside from maybe New York City, The Los Angeles Basin is the most heavily-policed area in the country. If ONE lone terrorist can create this much mayhem via bad police tactics, what would happen if several such terrorists decided to form a cell and work their mayhem in a separate but coordinated fashion? Panicked political leaders would institute martial law, that's what. With the martial law, the normal daily affairs of citizens could not be conducted, and that metroplex would grind to a halt.

Now, suppose the cell did their mayhem for a few days, then quit and faded away. The martial law would last for a while. The metroplex's economy would be wrecked for that year.

Now make it three to five metroplexes. That's only two dozen terrorists taking down civil liberty in the whole Nation.

Now, what pipsqueak outfit is capable of those moves? Reverse the spectrum: what big governments are capable of those moves? Both answers are the same: almost any outfit capable of recruiting and training disciplined folks could fill that bill.

What is the weakness here? The weakness is we, the sheeple. By putting our total trust in our government to protect us, and refusing to accept any of that responsibility for ourselves, to be properly armed and trained for self-protection, we have just shown a fatal weakness to the whole world, so don't, for a minute, think that Mr. Rogue Cop is the only one we have to worry about.

Learn to protect YOURSELF, and refuse to let the Government assume that task and freeze you out of it.

Prairie Patriot said...

Rivrdog - I had this same thought. If one dude can cause this much trouble, then what does that say about the reality of letting the government protect us instead of manning up and protecting ourselves? Well said.

Old NFO said...

Not a damn thing...