Saturday, February 23, 2013


Oh, the sequester!  The humanity!  The absolute tragedy of the cuts to government.  Thousands of workers laid off, lots of problems in airports, everything is going to grind to a halt.  If you believe any of that, we need to talk about a bridge I'm trying to sell.

They're not cutting anything, simply slowing the growth of government.  This whole sequester problem is only a problem if you believe that government should grow every year at a set rate.  This graphic from George Mason University shows how they intend to cut government under the sequester.

That looks like quite a cut, doesn't it?  Such a cut that government continues to grow.  No, dear friends, our problem is that we elected a President who doesn't understand that cutting a budget entails spending less money than we spent last year.

Mr. President, we intend for you to cut a trillion dollars from next year's budget, not simply slow the growth of government, but to actually use smaller numbers than you used last year.  A trillion dollars in next year's budget would be a good step.  A good first step.


Old NFO said...

Not a big cut, but for the military it's effectively a 20% cut and it ALL comes out of Operations and Maintenance, since DOD is not allowed to re-program money.

Rivrdog said...

This shameful show is a Mark One, Mod Zero liberal trick, used at every level of liberal Government.

In my City, the libs could not scrape up the necessary to fully fund all their vote-buying wet dreams, so when they HAD to cut something, they left all the liberal hoopla funded and cut public safety and parks maintenance. This gave the appearance of an actual shortage, so they then instituted a "fee" beyond the millage rate to pay for the largesse. This is how they get around our State poperty tax limitation, which is generous, giving local governments an annual 5% bump, but that doesn't buy the $pendy liberal agenda which increases by 7-8% per year.