Wednesday, November 09, 2011

RMR Reloading

There's a guy over on the Firing Line forums, he calls himself LongDayJake, and he runs an outfit called Rocky Mountain Reloading. He's a small outfit and he sells bullets. Pulled bullets. As he explains at the forum:
pulled means that they were once loaded into factory ammo. For some reason, the factory rejected the batch (usually because of split casings, bad primers, or consistency issues). The rejected ammo gets sold to contractors who pull the bullets out and sell them.
Jake's one of those small contractors who buys defective ammo, pulls the bullets, and sells them.

I ordered some bullets from him. Federal Fusion, .308, 150 grain. They're coming int he door at 18 cents apiece. Not bad for good bullets. Because he's a small contractor, his stock is often fairly low and his inventory changes quickly, but he ships fast. I ordered the bullets Monday night at about 5:30. By 8:00 I got a shipping notice with a tracking number. I expect that those bullets will be here later this week.

If you're looking for a good deal on bullets, give Jake a chance. I see that he's got several common calibers in stock, but who knows how long those bullets will last? I checked today and he's sold out of those Federal Fusions. He's got some .308 Sierra Prohunters in stock and if he has them when I get paid next week, I'm going to order a bunch of those.

RMR Reloading is PawPaw approved.

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Termite said...

Wow. You bought the Federal .308 150gr Fusions on Monday, and now he's out.
I noticed he has .270 150gr Federal Fusion BT's for sale. Those should be just the ticket for a great hog & deer load in my father's M700 Remington .270.