Friday, April 07, 2006

Manhunt Continues

The manhunt here in Central Louisiana continues for the prisoner that escaped on Wedneday. People here are getting edgy, and law enforcement is getting tired. We're in it for the long haul, though, until we are sure that our citizens are safe.

Links to the Town Talk are here, and here.

This picture speaks volumes, though.

Look what he has on his leg:
Skip Sherlock keeps a rifle perched in his lap as he waits for a bus to stop on Ball Cutoff Road. Sherlock, who described himself as an "adopted uncle," was waiting for four teens on the bus.
Looks to me like a Model 94 Winchester.

Only in gun-friendly Louisiana could a tattooed man with a beard and a rifle, wait on a school bus and expect the bus to actually stop.

We hope we find this guy before some citizen like Mr. Sherlock blows him away. We don't want to put any good citizen through that inconvenience.

One last note, if you look at the caption. Skip Sherlock is waiting for the bus on what we used to call Castration Lane.


Patriot said...

For the prisoner's sake, I hope law enforcement catches him before the citizens have at him.... I think it's awesome how he (Sherlock) sits there!! HA! Classic!


oyster said...

It is a classic scene, I must say.

Unknown said...

Mr. Sherlock seems to be a good ole boy who likes looking out for his community. We need more like him, and more castration lanes for child predators.