Thursday, April 28, 2005

Scooter Trash

It was a beautiful morning today in Central Louisiana, so I decided to ride the bike to work. I ride a Honda GL1500, the ubiquitous Goldwing. I've been riding for the past thirty years, but using the bike as a means of transportation for the past five years. I'm a member of the Ironbutt Association and recently joined the Blue Knights as a retired peace officer. With gas prices going for about $2.15 per gallon in the local area, and my Chevy pickup getting about 15 mpg, it is refreshing to get on the motorcycle, which gets about 40 mpg.

I've got to have a pickup truck. My family regularly needs to transport something too big to put in an SUV. When the weather is nice, I don't have to drive the darned thing. I can climb on the bike.

That's not to say I am a fair-weather rider. I have ridden in 27 degree F weather, and once rode in a downpour across three states (Okalahoma, Kansas, Iowa) during an Ironbutt ride. I'll get into the pickup truck when I need to, but mainly would rather be on the motorcycle.


oyster said...

Greetings Paw Paw!

I'm enjoying your site already.

Say, you never happened to make it down to Daytona Beach FL in February for "Bike Week" didja? That's where I grew up.

Bikers brought in the most money and caused the least trouble year in and year out for Daytona. It was by far my favorite "tourist invasion" week-- much better than either the 500 race crowd or the spring breakers.

Welcome to the "Gret Stet" blogging community!

Pawpaw said...

Thanks, oyster.

I've never been to bike week in Daytona, although that is on my short list of things to do. My present employment requires that I work that week, but who knows, maybe next year I will schedule vacation.

The Ironbutt Association schedules a Pizza Party for IBA members that week and that party alone should be worth the ticket.