Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Minuteman Project

From the Cigar Intelligence Agency, we get this post concerning the Minuteman Project which recently ended along the Arizona border.

Weeks of slaughter and atrocities are now at an end, and the Minuteman vigilantes are going home. Oh, wait a minute. It never happened.

Just goes to show you what concerned volunteers can accomplish. Without any government aid, and with the world watching, they managed to reduce illegal border crossings by simply being there. No blood was shed, no civil rights violated, no one was injured, but the flow of illegal immigrants was staunched.

I love it.

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Anonymous said...

The Minutemen were very successful despite the opposition of my liberal President and his ardent supporters the ACLU.
On Larry Elder’s show Wednesday night Larry said that the minutemen had reduced criminal immigration by 75%!. Or the rate of criminals crossing the border was only 25% of what it had been before the Minuteman Project! Sounds very positive!

We can win the local War on Terror if we just get this liberal out of the Whit House.

Rod Stanton