Wednesday, April 27, 2005

California Moonbats

From the AP, we get this little piece of reporting about a bill that will require manufacturers to put a serial number on every bullet made or sold in California.

Like that'll fuckin work!

I can see so many holes in this law that I am surprised anyone would even seriously consider it. And I have only looked at it for five minutes. As I sit here blogging, my mind comes up with more reasons why this bill is a loser.

Of course, I cast my own bullets, I've been shooting for forty years, I've been reloading for twenty. There are a lot of things wrong with this bill on a number of levels. Scientifically, practically, and constitutionally. Take your pick. This bill fails the stink test.

But then again, I've never known the California legislature to be bothered with scientific knowlege, practical applications, or constitutional limits when considering a bill. For that matter I've never known the Louisiana legislature to be concerned with those things either.

Hat tip to The Rottweiler

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