Sunday, January 10, 2021

Wintry MIx

  The weather-weenies told us to get ready for a "wintry mix", and they weren't lying, by God.

Here's a screen shot of the weather map, right now.

I'm right in the middle of that map, and and we're getting rain, sleet, and snow, all at the same time.

The house is warm, and we're in no distress, but the cats are a bit concerned.  The dog is laying beside the bed in the bedroom, and he ain't coming out until spring.

Earlier today, Belle said that she wanted to keep a "close eye" on the weather, so I put a chair out in the yard.  She failed to see the humor in that maneuver.  Back in my younger days, I lived in Kentucky through  three winters, so I"m familiar, and Belle lived in Missouri for several winters, so she's aware, but that's why we both live together in Louisiana.

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Old NFO said...

We got a few spits of snow up here, but mostly rain. Y'all are WAY south of us and getting snow...strange!