Wednesday, January 13, 2021

Apps Come, Apps Go

 With the brouhaha going on in social media right now, many folks are searching for alternatives.  I recall, back in the day, about the turn of the century, there were some apps I used that have since fallen by the wayside.  Belle and I met online, using a social app, and we were early adopters of the online dating scene.  For us, it worked out, and lots of those sites have fallen into the dark side of personal interaction.  It worked for us, but not for others.

So, this morning things change.  Oh, I'll still be posting here as long as Google doesn't get too interested in my traffic, but one of the organizations I like has added a new social media app, Me We, so that members can stay connected in case Facebook goes South on us.  I never used Twitter, or Linkedin, , or Instagram, o many of the apps that many folks rely on.

I am reminded that apps come, and apps go, and when a company starts ignoring or actively hurting the people it relies on to do business,  it often suffers.  We may be seeing a shake-up of social media that will affect those companies in the long run.

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