Monday, January 11, 2021


 Two of my grandchildren, both born in 2002 and living within miles of this acre, didn't see snow until they were 11, in 2013.  Here in central Louisiana, snow was a rate event for many decades.  It's still unusual enough that it it is noteworthy.

Yesterday we knew that there was a significant chance of snow.  Schools promptly announced their closings.  This is what I awoke to this morning.

A light dusting, less than an inch.  Schools are closed, and Belle's employer text her this morning, saying hat they would open the office at noon.  Such is our response to a winter storm in Louisiana.  We don't do snow or ice in sub-tropical Louisiana.  We just don't.


Well Seasoned Fool said...

Maybe, but here in the Rockies I don't worry about pickups with Louisiana license plates. Oilfield hands, and they are good drivers.

Ryan said...

I was stationed at FT Polk. We got frantically sent home at about 3:30 one day (aprox 2014-15) BECAUSE IT WAS GOING TO SNOW TOMORROW. Not only was tomorrow’s work canceled entirely, we got sent home from work early that day. That got us to the weekend also.

I was batching it at the time so I grabbed a few sundries and a handle of Jim beam then didn’t leave my house for 3 days.

The snow didn’t worry me but the drivers did.