Tuesday, October 08, 2019

You Go, Girl

Great video from some celebrity named Ellen.  Yeah, I know, she's a liberal Hollywood type, but it's a great message.  You go, girl!

It's a great message.

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Doug1943 said...

Yes. Good for her. And the audience reaction -- I am assuming they were 99% liberals or further to the Left -- was even more heartening.

We can learn something here.

The Left is NOT united, any more than the Right is. If we're smart, we will take advantage of their divisions. I know this may sound contrary to the spirit of this nice liberal woman's video (not being sarcastic here), but as the Left like to say, 'the personal is the political'.

There are plenty of people who are 'on the left' in some sense, but who do not go along with the horrible hectoring bullying Political Correctness thoughtpolice. But they're intimidated, they don't want to be seen apparently siding with us, so they keep their feelings to themselves. But when they get an opportunity to show their feelings, as they did here, they do so.

Now ... this division on the Left is an opportunity for us. We need to seek ways to drive wedges between 'honest liberals' -- people who think of themselves as patriots, who are reasonable, who don't like the violence of anti-Fa -- on the one hand, and the hardline Leftists on the other.

There are a thousand ways to do this. All patriotic rallies, for instance, should invite genuine liberals -- your Democratic politicians for example -- to come and speak. The hard Left hate the American flag, so be sure any liberals in attendance get one to hold. (One important division on the Left is between the flag-burners and the rest.)

It wouldn't hurt to invite liberals to come speak and present their viewpoint to conservative groups. Invite them to come shooting with you. If you're in a militia group, which everyone should be, invite the local liberal professor to a meeting. It's harder to hate people you have shared a meal with.

The Left work by demonizing us: they call us Klansmen and neo-Nazis and racists. Just saying "No we're not" is not enough: let them SEE that we're not.

Thank you for posting this video, which should get MUCH wider circulation.