Tuesday, October 01, 2019

Irish Drinking Irish

I suppose if you were going to make a video about drinking whiskey, you 'd actually get people who liked whiskey.  Not so much these folks.

That is not your standard whiskey review.

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Bob said...

Actually two of them - - Dermot and Martin - - had a pleasant time of it, the rest not so much. There's one Irish girl (not in this particular video), Ciara is her name, and she is the one that all the others strive to be - - no matter how potent the alcohol or hot the food, she tosses it off without a wince or screwed-up facial expression.

I once spent an entire Saturday watching all of these "Irish People Try" videos. Some of the funniest include Irish People Try American BBQ, Irish People Try American Moonshine, Irish People Try French Alcohol, and Irish People Try Turkish Food.

Every seems to have their personal favorite of the young Irish hosts. My favorite is Laura (Lolsy) Byrne, the little redhead in this Irish Whiskey video. While not a drinker, she's got a great personality, makes the most outrageous faces when tasting stuff, and is funny.