Tuesday, October 08, 2019

Get Woke, Go Broke

Our local TV station linked a story from CNN today.
(CNN) - Dick’s Sporting Goods has destroyed more than $5 million worth of assault weapons, according to CEO Ed Stack, who made the announcement in a recent interview.He said the company turned the AR-15 rifles into scrap metal to keep them off the street.
They destroyed a bunch of AR-15s, but they didn't destroy a single assault rifle.  They were all semi-auto sporting rifles.  Either the Dick's chairman doesn't know the difference, or he's playing to the media in an attempt to get his company.  I don't know how a company can destroy $5 million i inventory and still keep investors happy, but it looks like he pulled it off.

I'll never darken the door at Dick's but he's not counting on me to be in the core consumer group.


Witold Pilecki said...

I shopped there once when the West Springfield, MA store was new. I did not buy anything because I wasn't impressed. I have never been back since, so I guess I won't be missed.

Anonymous said...

Dicks - they named their store better than they knew.

Old Grafton said...

I'm not buying their BS. if they scrapped that much inventory their stockholders should be enraged. I'm betting they offloaded it to another wholesaler.