Tuesday, October 08, 2019

Dry Week

It's Dry Week.  My readers know that I like my whiskey, and enjoy sampling various distilled spirits from around the world and the US.    But, I follow the Magnificent Bastards at the Whiskey Tribe.  One of the things they do is to establish a Dry Week, one week per quarter where  we abstain from alcohol.  It gives us a chance to rest, to give our liver a break, and allows us to double-check, just to make sure there is no problem. 

I started Dry Week at 1800 hrs, this past Saturday.  However, we're planning a party for this Saturday to celebrate Election Day.  We'll have supporters in the shop, where Belle is planning a scrumptious repast, and we'll enjoy each others company as we watch the election returns.  My bourbon collection is respectable, and we will have an assortment of wines.  I have a bottle of Jameson's for those who might like Irish, but my Scotch collection is rather shabby.  I have an old bottle of J&B that someone left over here, ad a bottle of Monkey Shoulder, but I wanted to pick up a single malt.  Scotch prices locally are a bit higher than bourbon.  I can pick up a variety of very nice bourbons in the under-$30 range, but yo'd best add $20 to that when we start considering Scotch.

However, I was lunkiing through the aisles yesterday and found a bottle of Glenmorange that seemed rather nice, and found it at the $30 point.  Reviews from the Whiskey Vault ad from Ralfy seem to indicate that it is a very respectable Highland malt.  10 years old, bottled at 43%, I'll have it on the whiskey cart for the party.

Because it's Dry Week, I can't sample it.  Indeed, I haven't even taken it out of the box.  I think I only have one Scotch drinker coming to the party, and he normally drinks bottom-shelf swill, so there is that.  My Dry Week is over at 1800 hrs Election Night, and I believe I'll start with a dram of this, just to see what Highland Scotch is all about.

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Anonymous said...

Glenmorangie is my go-to scotch, very nice stuff and at a good price point. I actually like it just as much as MacCallan, but that got real expensive a few years ago when James Bond started drinking it (bearing in mind that ten years ago the distillers decided what they COULD sell now, so if demand goes up so does price).

Lately I've also started on bourbon, I find I really like Jim Beam Black. As a bourbon corner sewer, do you have any other recommendations?

Mark D