Monday, July 02, 2018

Plumbing Compete

After church yesterday, we ate lunch and the boys and I went out to the destruction zone to try tom make the final push on the plumbing.  It was just a matter or working the plan.  We went out into the sun first, to finish the drains and sewer, then went inside the shop to tie it all together.  I was very pleased with the results.

The toilet and vanity are installed in the bathroom.  We had to mount the toilet on a small pedestal so that the discharge, which goes out through the wall, would clear a structural purlin.  That extra two inches raises the standard basin to handicapped height.  The basin is lagged to both the wall and anchored to the floor with lag bolts.  It's rock-solid and Belle is pleased with the finished result.  I still need to add a door to the bathroom, but didn't want to do that until the fixtures were installed.  The opening is cut for a standard ADA complaint 36X80 door.

The kitchen is complete.  We tested everything, found some drips and make the tweaks necessary for leak-free operation.  While the boys and I played with plumbing, Belle was doing some touch-up painting.  After we were satisfied with the plumbing, we turned on the little mini water heater and got it going.  In just a few minutes we had bot water in both the sink and the bathroom vanity..

This project is 95% complete.  We still need outlet covers and that door for the bathroom, but we're putting a pause on the construction.  I have to take the trencher back  to the rental company this morning, and as soon as I return, we're hitting the road to visit with family in Missouri.  Belle's been itching to go up there, and I need a change of scenery.  So, we'll go hang out with people we love in Missouri.

It's going to be fun, and we have a house-sitter arranged.

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