Tuesday, July 03, 2018

Emma, Missoui

About an hour east of Kansas City, likes the sleepy little tow of Emma, MO.  We're visiting some of Belle's family (and by extension, my family) who we haven't seen in a year or so.

Situated in the rolling farmland of the Missouri plains,  this quaint little town reminds me of towns and villages all over the US that are being passed by the bigger,  more bustling cities that seem to dominate the country.  Emma is small, just off of Interstate 70, and is very quiet.  On a Tuesday morning at 10:00 we wee the only vehicle on Main street.. 

Belle had come up last year for a funeral, and knew of one little treasure in town, so she wanted to visit it again.   Emma's Guns and Antiques.  I forgot to bring a camera this morning, not even my cell phone.  This place is exactly what you might expect to find in a little town where the economy is struggling.  Inside the proprietor has antiques and collectibles,   Plus a pretty good selection of modern firearms of every variety.  And ammo. 

As Belle browsed through the antiques, I gravitated toward the gun counter, where the owner and I talked guns and politics.  The folks in small-town Missouri share many of the same views as the folks in small-town Louisiana.  He and I talked about everything under the sun, and I even noticed that he had a small portion of his enterprise set aside for package liquor.  Antiques, collectibles, guns, ammo, liquor and beer, all under the same roof.

Right across the street is the town pool hall, bar, and lunch cafe.  I may have to make it into that establishment before this trip is over.


Old NFO said...

Find any interesting old guns? :-)

Jonathan H said...

That reminds me of the store I saw in rural Montana - gas station, convenience store, deli, souvenirs/ Indian Art, sporting goods, and guns.