Thursday, June 07, 2018


Evidently, the US Navy runs a dining facility in the White House.  According to reports, it is reserved for "White House officials, Cabinet members and other dignitaries".

Somehow, the press seems to think that Scott Pruitt, the head of the EPA, uses that facility a lot, and is using FOIA requests to find out how many times he uses it.  Somehow, the idea that a Cabinet member uses a dining facility reserved for Cabinet members is supposed to be some sort of scandal.  But, it's the First Amendment and if they want to waste their time chasing a scandal where a Cabinet member eats in a facility reserved for Cabinet members, good for them.

However, I don't blame Pruitt one bit.  The US Navy  puts on a pretty good feed bag, and when I get the chance, I would eat in a Navy mess.  The Standard Navy Breakfast is a thing of glory and will keep a fellow going all day.


Murphy's Law said...

Yet when Obama was in office and countless rappers, celebrities and community-agitating race-baiters strolled in and out with felony records that would have kept them off even the public tour without Barry or Michelle signing off on their admission, that same media did not care.

Wonder why?

freddyboomboom said...

You've never had mid-rats on a boat at sea, in the enlisted chow hall, have you. :)

I remember one meal in particular, on the Connie. I got a scoop of cold (as in actually cold, not just room temperature) mashed potatoes, and a scoop of stewed tomatoes, and was told that's all I'd get because they were closing. A half hour before they were supposed to close, no less. And they had already taken away the milk and juice, so I could have water to drink. With another six hours to be on shift, working on the flight deck. Truly sucked and the ship's chain of command didn't listen to the airwing's complaints, as far as we could tell.

Now I admit that was a particularly egregious example, but the Connie's chow hall sucked in late '94 - early '95. And in my opinion the Connie sucked as well.

The USS Midway (CV-41) had a pretty good chow hall and from about '87 to '89 when I left they had a frikken wizard in the bake shop that made the most amazing rolls I've ever eaten. They had to post a guard and make sure each sailor only got two at a time.

Dwan Seicheine said...

I remember the navy salad bars with fondness.

Robert said...

freddyboomboom: Well, you WERE airwing,so... :-)
I was ship's crew for three years in the mid-70s and the food was fairly decent.