Monday, June 04, 2018

38th Retrainer

I qualified with the handgun again today.  Not as highly as I would have liked  but I qualified.  My excuse is that Belle and I rolled in this morning at 1:30, after leaving Amarillo, TX yesterday at 2:00 p.m.  And, of course, the macular degeneration, which never helps.  At any rate,  I managed to squeak out a qualification, so I can keep my POST certification. 

Next, force-on-force training, which was really a lot better than I anticipated.  The training was more realistic, which is always nice.  They simulated an active-shooter in a school (and yes, we were using a real school), with simunition.  These are little paint balls that run in a Glock.  They're cooler than shit.

Anyway, the way the scenarios played out, one SRO played the SRO, and the active shooter showed up.  Other SROs were staged outside, and we practiced making up tams on the fly, just exactly like the real-world situation would play out as more cops showed up to respond to the radio transmissions.

The first scenario, when I entered the building, the SRO had already corned the goblin and settled his hash, so I helped clear the remaining portions of the building.

The second scenario, I was the second guy in the building,   I was coming down the hall as the goblin tried to  ambush the SRO, so I got a shot on him.  Hit him square n the ass, which isn't normally covered by armor.  That shot induced a charlie-horse in his upper leg, and he fell over, complaining mightily.

I sat out the third scenario, to let other people play.  The fourth scenario, the goblin got away from the SRO, so we started seeping for him.  He tried to ambush me, but I put two in his ribcage.  He once again fell over,   Hes a good guy and wouldn't have gone down if

Tomorrow is DT (Defensive Tactics).  DT SUcks, but we  need it to keep out certification.

Here's what the front of a training pickup looks like.

Retrainer continues.

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Old NFO said...

Yep, simunitions are 'fun'... For versions of fun... Glad to hear y'all are being proactive. And glad you were able to requal successfully. Muscle memory is good for something, right?