Friday, June 16, 2017

Central Air (Again)

Got home yesterday and found the house uncomfortably warm.  Over 75 degrees F in here and the AC chugging mightily along.  Something ain't right.

Called the A/C guy and he'll be here this afternoon.

Called second son and borrowed a one-room AC unit.  We slept comfortably last night.

I sense a coming disturbance in the finances.  I am too old and grumpy to live through a Louisiana summer without air conditioning.  I'll pay the toll and be comfortable.


Miguel GFZ said...

When was the last time you had the system cleaned up and the gas checked? Maybe just as simple of that.

If by any chance you have an unit giving up the ghost because it started cooling back when Clinton was still president, the new systems are amazingly efficient and maybe even you get a federal rebate on a new unit.

We got a Trane and our electric bill dropped 40%.

PS: Salutations from Miami.

Jonathan H said...

Have you checked simple things first like a clogged filter or dirty coils? Last year my system was several degrees behind where it should be; when I cleaned the reusable filter it went back to where it was set to be.

Pawpaw said...

Oh, yeah, guys, all that was checked last month. It's been 30 days since service. Both the service guy and I now suspect I've got a leak.

Clean coils, filters replaced regularly. I don't think that this is a simple issue.

Suz said...

Humidity here in western MI is getting to be too much for me. I spread mulch on the garden for 2 hours the other day then quit as I was getting very dizzy, even though I had been drinking water. Came into the house and told DH that whole house AC was the best invention since sliced bread! He laughed, but agreed.